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Kurt Lancaster

Kurt Lancaster is the head of Creative Media and Film at Northern Arizona University and has written several books on filmmaking, including Basic CinematographyDSLR CinemaProduction House CinemaVideo Journalism for the Web, and Cinema Raw.


His documentaries have screened at national and international film festivals and his award-winning students have gone on to start their own production house businesses, work as freelancers, as well as securing other positions within the industry.


Kurt's filmmaking clients include the Grand Canyon National Park, Timpanogos Caves National Monument for the National Park Service; the American Community School in Amman, Jordan; Ha:san Preparatory and Leadership School in Tucson, Arizona for the National Institute of Health; Altez Ecofarm at Hasta Gard in Stockholm, Sweden; Louis L’Amour Enterprises, Inc; and the Institute of Tribal Environmental Professionals at NAU.

He earned his PhD in Performance Studies from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts

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