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DSLR Cinema

A beginner's guide to filmmaking on a budget

The DSLR cinema revolution began over ten years ago. Professional filmmakers, students, video journalists, event video shooters, production houses, and others jumped at the opportunity to shoot cinematic images on these low budget cameras.


The first edition of the book mapped the way focusing exclusively on DSLRs. This new edition shows how you can create stunning cinematic images using low budget cinema cameras, from iPhones to the C200.

This book, like the previous edition, takes the wisdom of some of the best shooters and empowers you to create visually stunning images with low budget cinema cameras.

"A huge thank you to Kurt Lancaster for giving a voice to DSLRs in this new trail-blazing book."

―Shane Hurlbut, ASC, DP of Terminator Salvation

"This book should be in every camera bag. A rich, comprehensive, and poetic examination of how filmmakers and cinematographers are creating stunning moving imagery."

―Rodney Charters, ASC, DP of the TV series, 24

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