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Cinema Raw

With the next generation of raw cinema cameras you can finally shoot professionally with uncompressed raw motion pictures―without compromising your image or your budget.


In Cinema RawLancaster takes you through the birth of these new cameras and includes an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Digital Bolex. He field tests each camera and discusses the importance of shooting in raw and guides you through the raw color grading process so you can create stunning films. Interviews with professionals who have shot documentaries, shorts, and promotionals with these cameras are featured throughout, allowing you to learn field production techniques under real world conditions.


"Provides a great overview and history on the recent but densely complicated process of raw video shooting and capture."

Jon Yi, cinematography professor at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts

"Eessential for educators, students, and practitioners who want to understand new technologies and how to harness them for the kind of quality in our filmmaking that, until recently, was just a dream for those without the backing of millions of dollars in production support."
Ellen Spiro, documentary film professor at the University of Texas, Austin; winner, The National Board of Review for Body of War

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